Oh, Susannah!

Well, I wore my little green and purple Susannah dress today – it was SO HOT here in Toronto, and this dress was so light and cool. I lined it with green china silk  – pretty sedate, considering how funky linings can get – and was a bit worried about how the china silk would do in the heat.  I’m a convert.

Oh, Susannah!I fell in love with this print after all the hype from Target around their Liberty of London prints.  I was very disappointed to learn from other people’s blogs that nothing was the lovely Tana lawn that Liberty is renowned for, so I went to ebay.ca and found the print in GREEN AND PURPLE!!!!  Woohoo!  No better colour combination than that, I think!

I love Liberty tana lawn…. there’s got to be another project waiting for me in my Liberty stash…..  If you’re looking for some Liberty yourself you may want to check out my favourite sellers on ebay: lixlittle, laluthan and fellabird.


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