Self-Stitched September

Well, SSS is not happening in my house too much, I must confess.  The weather turned all yucky last Wednesday, and I just felt like jeans and sweaters – neither of which I’ve ever made myself!!!!

I must say, I signed up because it sounded like a great idea, and I was on a summer sewing roll craving dresses.  So, hoping that September would be hot enough to just wear the dresses I’ve been putting together over the summer, I signed up.

Alas, I don’t have pictures, so you’ll just have to believe my catalogue of outfits:

September 1:  Went to meet with friends, and it was HOT.  So I wore the last installment of the Fall Jersey.  And wouldn’t you know it, but the hem went wonkers by the end of the day – the right side was at my ankles!!!!  Guess I’ll need to fix THAT.

September 2:   Went to the ROM with my kids, and, since walking around with three kids doesn’t really call for glamour, I opted for a very old lime green tank top and the stretch denim skirt from Vogue 1093 (see Waiting for Notions).

September 3: Rainy wet cold and generally miserable outside.  Put on a pair of capris and the top from Vogue 8565 with a sweater and schlepped around the house all day, since my mom was looking after the kids.  The best part was a quiet child-less dinner with DH at the end of the day!!!

September 4: Another raining and wet day, but I had lessons to chauffeur little people to, so I put on my favourite linen jacket over a T-shirt and jeans.

September 5:  Lazy lazy Sunday morning.  Didn’t go to church but did manage to get up to keep a date with good friends.  Didn’t wear anything I made, but put on a lovely pair of earrings made by Lisa.

Today – SSS # 6:  I’m wimping out again because I really need to focus on sewing tops and shirts in my life.  It’s Labour Day here in Canada – the day before school starts – so we’re just lazing around taking it easy today.  The only thing handmade I’m wearing today is the set of purple earrings that I wore yesterday.  Maybe tomorrow there’ll be more interesting things to tell you!  🙂


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