SSS Day 7

Well, today is a better day than yesterday – weather included!  It’s sunny and HOT again!  Which means I could wear a nice summer dress again.  YAY!  I thought the Liberty of London “Oh, Susannah” dress would be perfect for today.  And I’m wearing the purple Lisa earrings again.  I just love those earrings!

It’s also the first day the kids are back in school, so guess what I’m doing!?!?

SSS 7 - Oh, Susannah dress

Yup – working on the latest installment of my Fall Jersey Project.  It’s a green RPL (rayon polyester lycra) knit from Fabricland.  It’s really stable and a bit heavy, so I’m hoping this dress will work throughout the fall without shivering to death!!!  And it’s a Donna Karan design – again.  🙂 🙂

And these wonderful things were in my mailbox when I came home:

reading material for tea time

As well as my latest order from Vogue Patterns.  I just love the uniqueness of the Donna Karan designs (top row) and I would love to tackle the Chado Ralph Rucci dress on the bottom left for winter.  I’m probably a sucker for punishment, and I may be disappointed and frustrated, but I’d like to try it.  And the Kay Unger dress (in red) has got such rave reviews I thought I may as well own it in my pattern stash.


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