SSS Day 10 – 14

Well, I must confess I haven’t been 100% faithful in this endeavour.  Here’s my update:

Day 10:  a SAHM chore day.  I stayed in yoga wear all day, with my SSS contribution being Lisa’s lovely earrings again!

Day 11:  no photos, and I’ll be blessed if I can remember what I did, where I went, or what I wore.  It was the first Saturday after the first week of school, so we just crashed and hung out at home all day.

Day 12:  a lazy Sunday at home with my crew.  I confess I stayed in my PJ’s ALL DAY.  (Yup, I’m smiling 🙂 !)

Day 13:  I had to meet an older friend who has asked me to sew up a headboard slipcover for her granddaughter’s bedroom.

Gap jeans, JNY top, DK jacket, Roots Purple Rain bag

Day 14:  repeat day

Gap jeans and Simplicity4076

Day 15: out all day – first at Community Bible Study, and then hunting for odds and ends of clothing items my girls need (slippers, tights, shoes, etc.)  I didn’t wear anything I’ve stitched myself.  The pants and top are Anne Klein.  But the scarf  is a lovely eternity scarf made by a good friend of mine who is gifted with knitting needles.  And Lisa’s earrings again.  D’ya think they’re one of my favourites?

Jen's eternity scarf & Lisa's earrings - both in purple!!!!


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