SSS Day 17 and 18

Well, we’re past the half-way point on this project.  I must say it’s been an eye-opener for me.  I know I sew a lot, but compared to other people in sewing blogland who have been posting their progress through this project, I don’t really sew much.  I just don’t have the time to sit and sew endlessly.

Day 17:  The first day all week that I’ve been able to sit down and sew.  Here I am:

Vogue 8656 top, yoga pants and an old sweater

BTW, I really am disliking the top in the photo.  The colour is great, but it’s just…. I dunno….. blah the more I wear it.  I’ve relegated it to schlepping-around-the-house wear.   My review of it is here.  You can see I’m busy sewing something red.

Simplicity 2603 tank

Day 18:  Well, here’s the something red!

Simplicity 2603 tank with cardi-wrap tied variation #3

Today was the first Saturday in full DD1, 2, and 3’s schedule.  So we were off to ballet class this morning and then DD1 had a harp lesson after lunch.  Here’s how I wore the card-wrap today, and since the picture was in the way, I thought I’d do a Vanna White imitation – HA!

The pattern sewed up very quickly.  The front of the cardigan is very long – past my knees – but I thought it would be a nice addition to my closet because of the variations the length allows.

un-wrapped cardigan

I used a rayon-lycra knit from Fabricland – the last of the stash that I purchased last week to make some tops for SSS.  It’s been really cool here in Toronto – BANG! September arrives, the weather drops 10°C!  So much for using my summer projects for SSS….

I made no changes to the pattern – didn’t even bother doing an FBA.  But I did cut it down a full size given the loose fit of my previous Simplicity SSS project.  The top is a bit long for my taste, too, but I think it works well with the length of the cardigan.



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