SSS Day 20 and 21

SSS Day 20:  I’m sad to say that I’ve nothing to report as self-stitched for Monday.  This particular Monday required jeans and t-shirts for grungy type stuff, and unfortunately I’ve no pair of self-stitched jeans or a self-stitched t-shirt.  But let me tell you about my day, because I’m so excited about what happened in the morning!

My DD2 has Down syndrome.  She is 10 years old and we are always thinking ahead about things she can do as she grows older and what she can do to keep active and learn new skills.  I was told about CARD – the Canadian Association for Riding for the Disabled – years ago, but our schedule never allowed us to apply for a space.  They use horsemanship skills to improve muscle tone, social skills and self-confidence in children and adults with disabilities.  A good friend of ours whose daughter has CP (cerebral palsy) has ridden there for years.  Anyways, we were going to the stables on Monday for our assessment by their resident physiotherapist, who would decide if DD2 was a suitable candidate for their therapy programs. She is!

Needless to say, DD2 is ecstatic to be able to ride horses.  We had the opportunity to meet the horses and see the stables.  Now, I had some reservations about DD2’s enthusiasm when she actually got close to the horses.  She can be very sure she’s not trying something if she doesn’t feel 100% safe.  (She’s the only daughter of mine who has not suffered stitches or broken bones because of this obsession with feeling ‘safe’.)  All the horses were outside in the pasture, so the three of us wandered out to meet them.  What a wonderful experience.  I was so sorry I forgot to bring my camera!  DD2 wandered down to the fence and all the horses walked over to say “hi”.  DD2 chatted away, petting their noses and treating them like they were old friend.  This sort of thing only happens in movies!  BTW, the horses couldn’t be bothered with us adults – they were only interested in making friends with DD2!  I have never seen her so confident to try something new.  Maybe all those (not again!) Hannah Montana episodes with Blue Jeans the horse helped prepare her for this….  Anyways, it doesn’t seem like much, but small victories are what make life exciting!

Then in the evening on Mondays, my three girls and I pop over to our local church to set up tables and cook dinner for 80 women who come for Bible study.  So you see why I needed get-down-and-dirty attire – I’ve added “jeans” to my sewing list.  😉

SSS Day 21:  On Tuesdays and Thursdays I volunteer at DD1’s elementary school in the library.  Shelving books, cataloging books….. and reading with dear little people who just don’t get enough reading done at home and need some extra practice.

shirt Vogue 7340 - skirt Vogue 1093

It was finally warm enough to wear some summer self-stitched!  And blustery – don’t ya just love the hair?


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