I made it through SSS!

SSS 29- Simplicity 4076

Day 29:  Well, since I was going to be sightseeing at Niagara Falls with my brother and his family who are visiting from Alberta, I thought I’d go with jeans and this very useful self-stitched top which I have repeated over and over this month.

And for the last day, September 30th:

last day of SSS

Well, SSS went out in my house with a sheepish whimper.  My plans today included spending most of the morning in the dentist chair, so instead of looking glamourous, I opted for comfortable:  pants Vogue 2578 from about 4 years ago in a wool/viscose tweed, purchased tee and sweater, Cole Haan boots.  I had my DD3 take this picture this morning before running off to school, so please forgive the obvious!



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