I’m joining the trenches

Yup.  On Saturday I finally made it down to my lovely little Burberry store and tried on a few trenches.  Like I’ve mentioned previously, I need a trench or rain coat, and I’ve always had a hankering for the big label “classic” trench.  Well, I learned a few things in the 15 minutes I spent in that store.

First, I am not the size I thought I was.    Clothing companies must be grading clothing sizes up every 5 years, because the last time I fit a size 8 anything, I was about 17 years old and 20 pounds underweight.  Now I’m a healthy 40 something and a size 8 fits!?!?!  What’s up with that?

Second, I don’t care if it’s the classic trench to own if you’re a somebody or a fashionista.  No way is a little 3/4 length 100% cotton trenchcoat worth $1395 + 13% HST just because it’s got those cute little buttons with the horses on them or that distinctive plaid 100% cotton lining.  That decided me right there.  It’s time to sew my own trench and to hell with the big label.  I mean, for that price, I could go crazy on the fabric and still not spend close to one third of the RTW purchase price.  And what in the world is better than a custom tailored trench coat?  🙂

So I went looking, and found a few interesting things in sewing blog land.

I know this project is about 18 months along, given the dates of the posts, but I had a great time reading about everyone’s ideas and progress.  I’m thinking I should join.  But what pattern to use?  If I’m going to make a classic trench, then it needs all the details:  the back shoulder shield, the buttoned bands on the cuffs and the shoulder, the front yoke shield… Y’know… all those little tiny details that add pizzazz.  So I went pattern hunting.

S 2311
OOP Vogue 2449
Marfy 1038

But none had all the details that I’m wanting on the coat. The S2311 is missing the front and back shields, as is the Marfy 1038, and the Vogue pattern is just not available anywhere for purchasing on the wonderful WWW.  And I just don’t have the know-how or the time to fuss with drafting my own details.  Then I remembered my first Burda magazine, and all the lovely trenches that came with that.  Lo and behold, I’ve found the one I’m going to use.  Stay tuned!  I’ve got to track down that perfect piece of fabric!

2 thoughts on “I’m joining the trenches

  1. $1395!!! As my late Father was known to repeat, “say it fast and it doesn’t hurt so much!” He passed on in 1996, yet I can just imagine what his opinion(s) would be about our HST!

    Even though I’m semi-retired, I’m still known as the “Internet Queen” for my web searching tactics. Actually it’s my training as a Library Technician that nurtured my search skills!

    I found the Vogue 2449 on ArtFire studio “Geisha Loves Samurai.”
    Here’s the link: http://www.artfire.com/modules.php?name=Shop&op=listing&product_id=894619

    Have fun in the trenches!



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