Oh, the charm of Donna Karan!

I’ve finished yet another Donna Karan design – Vogue 2064.  I made view A out of a lovely rich plummy purple rayon knit.  Now, you know me and patterns that say “No provision for above-waist adjustment”.  Whatever.  I’m shortwaisted, so it’s going to be adjusted, like it, possible or not. And I took pictures of my pattern layout prior to cutting it to show you how I adjusted the length on this odd pattern (the bodice is 3 pieces – left front & back, right front and sleeves), and my camera’s memory card died.

Digression begins here. And I mean died.  Have you ever had a memory card in your digital camera die on you?  This is a first for me, but I was prepared!  When I purchased my Olympus camera back in 2004, every website I read said it wasn’t a matter of if your memory card would corrupt, but when.  So I downloaded a nifty little piece of software called Card Recovery Software.  I’ve used it in the past quite successfully for pictures that I deleted, but wanted back.  But today…. well… let’s just say every single sector on the disk was corrupted.  ARGH!  So no pictures of this lovely top or my pattern layouts!!!!  So sad… so sad…..  Digression ends here.

Well, now that I’ve got that off my chest, here’s a diagram of where I shortened the pattern.  The red lines indicate where I folded the pattern horizontally, each fold taking in a total of 1″ on the front bodice, and 2″ on the back.

Click here for a bigger picture

Now, I have to confess that I didn’t do the muslin thing for this top.  I did a tissue fit on my 1940’s dress form, and trusted the give in the jersey to make up the width through the bust that I would have added in a woven fabric.  But I needed to shorten the waist.  I just picked points about 3 inches below the armscye on the bodice fronts and at the waistline marking on the back for my adjustments.  I did have to redraw the neckline drape on the left front (pattern piece #1 in the picture above) once the tissue was folded down 1 inch, but the adjustments worked beautifully. The top went together very easily, and it’s amazingly flattering.

~ Vogue 2064 top ~ pants Vogue 2390

Here’s another picture of mostly the top.  Don’t you love the back of my house and the driveway?  I found the colours so difficult to photograph, so I went outside today (November 2, 2010) and stood in the sunshine so the details would show up on the top.  The pants are from my pre-blogging days – an OOP Vogue suit pattern by Anne Klein in black wool crepe.  They’re very wide, so I usually wear them for dressier occasions.  Sorry I’m headless!

I’m so pleasantly surprised!  Everything I’ve made that’s designed by Donna Karan looks so good and is comfortable to wear, too.  I’ll be making up the pants in a chocolate RPL from Emma One Sock when it arrives.   Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Oh, the charm of Donna Karan!

  1. You are some kind of genius for even working out where the waist is on those pattern pieces. I do love the DK patterns like this though, really fun to sew. You’re right this is really flattering, very nice top.

  2. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog! I loooooovvvvee this pattern. I think I’ll pull this out and make an outfit for me as well. **off to shop my stash**
    Let us know how it turns out, Sewellen


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