Did you know that’s the title of a cabaret song by American composer William Bolcom? It’s about one page of music for piano and mezzo-soprano voice…

Well, you get a bonus track called “Black Max” on this video, but it’s the best one I could find on YouTube (love Dawn Upshaw!)  I’m waiting for… flannel underlining, buttons, lining… oh, and probably the right colour of thread so I can finish the cashmere project and start on DD1’s winter coat (I still haven’t begun to cut it out.)  But I haven’t been idle.  Here’s another version of Simplicity 4076.

It went together super fast, as all second-time-’round sew ups do.  It’s the poly-lycra knit mentioned in SSS 27 and 28.  I just love this top. I made my two versions because of the lack of long-sleeved tops that were so noticeable during Self-Stitched September, and I’m very partial to wrap tops as I find them the “flatteringest” type of top for me these days.  You can read my complete review at PatternReview.com.

It’s funny what people think of what I wear (Wow!  You look so terrific!  Why are you dressed so nicely?), and how it compares to what I think of it (Not sure about this print.  Kinda looks casual.  Wonder how this poly knit will wear… Is this print too loud?).

Just a thought:  Do you wear your self-stitched garments with pride and confidence, or do you question your choices as you walk around your world in them?

One thought on “Waitin’

  1. I really like your top, I don’t think the print is too loud, especially with black pants. Yes, I allways question my sewing choices to death. But, I wear anyway!


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