Working with a dream fabric…

…. makes all the difference.  Wow.  I’m LOVING Harris tweed.  (Yup, that’s purple, bold, italicized and capital letters love!)  It’s got a lovely woolly fragrance when it’s pressed.  It shapes beautifully and sews easily, and it’s super easy to to hidden hand-stitches I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything much lately.  It’s really hard to find time to sew in my household sometimes.  However, I was able to sew up a storm Monday this week and today, so I’ve got something to show you all!

I spent Monday underlining and interfacing BurdaStyle 09-2010-101, which I’m making for DD1 out of lovely Harris tweed.

B 09-2010-101 underlining

Here’s a back piece ready to be hand basted into place.  I used silk organza to underline the tweed and a light-weight horsehair interfacing.  Here I am, busy as a bee….Sorry it’s blurry – DH took the picture.  I think I’m catchstitching the interfacing to the hem of the undersleeves.  You can see how far I got on the coat on Monday, as it’s on the dress form behind me.  I managed to get the fronts and back stitched, and the sleeves put together and steam shaped.  All the pieces are pinned to the dress form separately, as I’ve not put them together at this point as I needed to complete the hidden buttonholes, and I didn’t have the buttons.  Needless to say, no buttons, no buttonholes!


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