My Marfy stash

I thought I’d write a post about Marfy patterns in my stash in response to Becki, who asked me why I hadn’t posted anything about Marfy projects, since I have a page titled “Marfy” on my blog.

Well, I started a dress back at the end of August – Marfy 1313 – but then I got busy with DD1’s winter coat, thinking about blouses and mulling over the HepburnHepburn projects (sheath dress, crisp blouse and trench coat are on my list still waiting to be cut out).  And then I’ve been mulling over the Burda “Party through the Decades 2010” competition (which may or may not happen, but that’s a topic for another day).

But I thought I’d share my Marfy stash, since it only numbers about 10 designs so far.  You can tell me which you like and what you think I should tackle after (during?!) the construction of the Interrupted Dress.  Here they are, in no particular order….

Marfy 1458
Marfy jacket 1637
Marfy coat dress 1713
Marfy jacket 1711
Marfy jacket 1625
Marfy coat 1401

Anyways, the Interrupted Dress is now back at the forefront of my sewing mind.  I’ll tackle that after I finish the blouse I’m working on.  And the pencil skirt in Harris tweed…. the trench coat… DD2’s Christmas dress… the sheath dress….. LOL!

2 thoughts on “My Marfy stash

  1. If I were able to decide, given unlimited resources and time: 1001, 1713, 1458, 1401. All the rest for spring. After finishing M 5276, I am still happily dreaming about inverted pleats and dramatic collars.

    Whatever you make will be lovely, I know.


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