Crazy Mittens

Well, as I’ve made clear in other posts, I do not knit.  Furthermore, I have no interest in learning how to knit, but I greatly appreciate the skill and artistry that goes into making the beautiful things that my knitting friends and fellow bloggers create.

As most of you don’t know, tomorrow is my birthday.  And here’s a very colourful pair of new birthday mittens.

Aren’t they crazy?  I love the thumbs in two different colours.  They are a little treat from a lovely neighbour whose name is Ingrid.  Miss Ingrid is an amazing lady.  She makes soups for the neighbourhood (they’re famous!) and knits hats, slippers and mittens, and is quite involved knitting for the community needs through the local Salvation Army church.  My three girls and I have been the beneficiaries of what I call “Christmas hats” from Miss Ingrid over the last couple of years.  Here’s a peek at some.

ingrids christmas hats

ingrids hats

I love the different patterns and colours.  The last one on the right is my Christmas hat, and the others are my girls’.  They’re pretty and cozy.

Sometimes when I look at the work other creative people do, it makes me wish I could be a little more creative myself, or learn a new skill (like quilting!).  Maybe this coming year…..  Smile

4 thoughts on “Crazy Mittens

  1. Hi, I am working on a quilt now. I have gathered all the material and will starting cutting and piecing in the new year. I got some one to teach me how to do the bury the knot when you start an new thread. Sorry I missed your birthday. Hope it was a happy day.

  2. Best wishes for a very Happy Birthday! Your mittens look comfy-cozy. I hear it’s going to be very cold in the GTA this weekend, especially on Sunday. With the windchill, it supposed to go down to -10C! So make sure to wear your mittens!


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