The red dress’s fitting

Yesterday I was able to fit the red dress I’m making up for my friend.  She asked me to make up the dress for a couple of wedding receptions this December.  I wanted to see how the bodice fit before stitching in the sleeves. Pretty good!

B 11-2010-119 back fitting

The 3/4 sleeves will be perfect in this dress. 

B 11-2010-119 bodice fitting

It’s a good fit through the bust.  I have to say, though, the Burda bodice pattern with the shoulder pleats lays a bit oddly.  The pleats will have to be pressed and stitched further down than the original 2”.

B 11-2010-119 fitting

I’m pleased with the fit.  Once the sleeves are set in, the bow detailing is on the waist and the hem is sewn and pressed, it will be a lovely winter’s dress.  I need to hand this over to her by this evening, so I’d better get cracking!

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