Last project of 2010


Well, today is the last of 2010, and it’s been a fun one.  I started this blog, made new sewing friends, learned from fellow sewing bloggers, participated in Self-Stitched September and had a great time sewing up my stash and planning new projects. 

This shirt is Simplicity 4076 made up in a crushed velour as half of the birthday gift promised to a friend of mine back in November.  The other half is a new version of my very first BurdaStyle – number 09-2010-111B.  I made it up in a heavier crushed velour in a deep burgundy that sometimes looks like magenta.  It sewed up beautifully.  I did change the sleeves, though, as after wearing mine all fall, the ties on the sleeves are VERY annoying.  So I did my friend a favour and left them out. 


I cut the sleeves a good 4 inches shorter than the pattern – it’s just to much extra fabric for a heavy velour like this.  Then I gathered 6 inches of the sleeve length from the cuff into a 3 inch length and stitched the gathers so they won’t move around.  I think it’s a much more practical take on this pattern.  The fabric is very luxurious looking and very plush to the feel.  I hope she likes it!


And lastly for this year, I had hoped to finish up this little quirky and spontaneously-decided-upon skirt from Burda September 2010.

B 09-2010-112 drawing

On a whim, after cutting out the blouse 111B from the paisley fabric, I thought it would look interesting in the faux-wrap style skirt.

B 09-2010-112

It’s got a lot of pleats – two layers of them in the overlap across the front.  I may regret this once it’s sewn up, but hey – it wouldn’t be the first time I thought something would be interesting and then it wasn’t so interesting on me when it was completed!

Well, that’s the last of the sewing for this year.  I look forward to more in 2011, and sharing and learning from you all.  God bless you, dear reader, one and all!

2 thoughts on “Last project of 2010

  1. ‘Friend’ is VERY happy!!! Word to the wise…if you are completely indecisive and hum and haw enough when your couturière comes by with TWO gorgeous fabric samples in your 2 fav colours…you just might get TWO wonderful garments!!!! 😉 ox


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