Happy New Year!

Yeah, I know it’s 5 days late, but I’ve been enjoying the Christmas break with family and friends and not doing any blogging or much sewing.  I’ve been happily following all the year-in-retrospective posts that have been popping up in sewing blog land and thought I’d do a little review myself.

In May I started hankering after summer dresses.  For the last few years I’ve lived in capris and tees all summer, which is all fine and everything, but I really like dresses.  They’re cool in the heat and look nice… finished… and, well…. dressy!  I’ve been collecting fabric and patterns and ideas, but never actually sat down to make any of them real.  I haven’t included all dresses – just one from each month.

May 2010

V2684 in red cotton pique

June 2010


S3877 in Liberty Hurren with raw silk trim.  This dress took a lot of fussing, as I wasn’t happy with my original version, but I really like it now!

July 2010


V1159: I went on a Donna Karan kick this summer.  I sewed up more of her designs that any other.

August 2010

dk suit

V1093: Another Donna Karan

September 2010

I stumbled across Zoe’s Self-Stitched September project, and thought that would be a fun thing to do.  Well, it certainly taught me that there’s more RTW I my closet than SS, so I set about to remedy it as much as possible.

Skirt: V1093.  Top: V7340 in Liberty of London Judy

October 2010

Well, I kinda went crazy importing Harris tweed and stitched up DD1’s winter coat…..

Burda 09-2010-101

November 2010

…. and my favourite winter 2010 skirt.  I have two more Harris projects in my stash, although I doubt I’ll get to them this winter.  Funny how that happens, eh?  I’m always behind when it comes to seasons.  I never actually start on winter stuff before winter….


December 2010

I spent this month sewing for friends and family.  It’s nice to make up stuff for myself, but I can only do with so much.  So I get a great deal of pleasure making gifts….


Well, there’s a (partial) monthly review of 2010 since I started this blog.  And what’s on for 2011? Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Love your Donna Karan Vogue1093. I have been holding onto that pattern and even bought fabric but will not cut. Yours looks great!!

  2. I think I like a dress as much as you do and you’ve made some amazing ones this year! Can’t wait to see what comes out of your sewing machine in 2011!


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