Pattern Review: V2396 Fringe Dress


Well, here’s my review of this OOP pattern from Vogue.  I made the dress, and, quite frankly, it was a fussy piece for a couple of reasons.

First, I was an idiot and did not do a muslin, and, second, the choice of fabric just doesn’t work with this pattern on a shape like mine.  I made it out of chocolate RPL, but the “duh!” moment came when I confirmed through multiple tries, that RPL does not shape well.  Hence the problems with the bust darts, as you’ll see when you look through some of these pictures.


I originally thought of this dress waaaaaaay back in 1990 or something ridiculous like that, because I liked the fringe on the bottom.  I think I did make it up in purple for some singing gig or other, but I didn’t keep the dress.  It was fun walking around the house to take photos, because the fringe really swings around.  It’ll be a great dress for dinner and dancing.  It’ll also be great to wear in dim lighting, so that the bust darts can’t be seen very well.

v2396 fringe

The neckline sits very high – right at the base of the throat, as you can see below.  It’s a nice change from the usual crew neck on a sheath.  My pearls are not long – only 17 or 18” in length, and there’s no danger of them getting lost inside the neckline.  It’s a true boat neck.  Another positive:  the armscye sits perfectly on this dress. 

v2396 bust fit

OK.  This picture is taken in natural light, and it shows the bust dart problem very very well


I also got carried away trimming the hem allowance.  I have no idea what I was thinking (maybe it was the time of night?!), but I did trim 2” off the bottom, and should not have done that.  It’s about 2” too short for my liking.  Y’know what they say:  Over a certain age should not show off their knees.

v2396 back

Oops!  The belt got twisted on this one.  Pictures like this always make me think it’s high time to get off my lazy butt and do a proper 1” gingham pattern fit.  (Ha!  You probably thought I was going to say exercise!) I always shorten the back waist on a garment by 2”, but by the looks of this, 2” is probably not enough….. Never mind that it confirms that pear-shape suspicion in the back of my mind that always seems to get glossed over due to the counterbalance(s) hanging on the front of my upper torso.  Smile

V2396 swishing

I think the best thing about this dress is the fringe.  Everything else could probably be more esthetically pleasing on a beanpole, or made better by a more fit-conscientious and less lazy seamstress that me. 

Did I say I really like the fringe?  Rolling on the floor laughing


6 thoughts on “Pattern Review: V2396 Fringe Dress

    1. Hi, J – not at this point, sorry! I have plans for the shirt within the next 6 weeks or so. After that, I don’t know. I’ll be reviewing the shirt pattern once it’s all sewn up, so check back with me when that’s done. Thanks for your interest in it!

  1. You look lovely. The length is perfect because it hits right above your knees and showcases your great legs. The fringe is fun and I think you have a winner.

  2. I think it is beautiful and I understand about the bust darts, wear it with confidence because it looks wonderful on you. I was thinking that you should try it again in a different fabric for summer, worn with a pair of bling sandles it would be a it.

  3. I always think of that Vogue pattern as the Audrey Hepburn Dress so it’s appropriate that you used it for the Hepburn project. Personally, I think the hem is perfect on you since it shows off your lovely legs and anyone close enough to see your dart concerns – is tooooo close!


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