Tweaking the Hepburn Dress

You know, dear readers, from my review of this dress that I wasn’t particularly happy with how the RPL took (or rather, didn’t take) the front bust darts.  So, last night I removed them and lookee here!

v2396 dartless

You would never ever know there had ever been darts in the front of this dress.  I learned another lesson about RPL:  it doesn’t remember anything.  File that information for the next RPL project, if there ever is one.

Rhonda in Montreal left a comment on my review of this pattern over at, suggesting that I try it without the belt, as it would give it a more 20’s look.  So I did that, too.

v2396 side front dartless

I think this works a lot better.  I’m certainly much happier with it.  And just for argument’s sake, here’s a photo of it belted, yet dartless.

v2396 dartless belted

I think I prefer it san ceinture.  Well, I must say I won’t be shy to wear it now.  I’m very glad that the RPL didn’t remember those darts.  And you would have been very proud of how I steamed them, pressed them and weighted them, hoping to get them to behave in the first place!

v2396 full front dartless

It’s definitely got a more 20’s vibe than a Hepburn one, but hey!  At least it’s going to be worn without embarrassment now.  See you on the dance floor!


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