Thoughts on trousers

….or pants, as I usually call them.

I’ve been reading David Page Coffin’s Making Trousers for Men and Women since it was the only thing I took on vacation that was sewing related.

It’s given me a lot of food for thought about the construction of pants. If you don’t own this book, you should get yourself a copy, or at least borrow it from your local library for a read.  He’s got a fascinating look at the construction of pants from YSL couture to vintage 1932 to L.L. Bean.  The variety of construction techniques, pockets and zippers is amazing.  And I had never heard of a “hem stay” until reading this book.  Have you ever heard of a hem stay?  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pair of pants with them in my life.  The one thing that I disagree with him on is lining.  I always prefer my pants to be fully lined regardless of how nice the fabric feels next to my skin.  The least I’ll do is line them to the knee.  And I always prefer to have my linings hang free instead of being sewn into the seam allowances.  Even if I’m purchasing pants that aren’t either khakis, corduroys or jeans, I always look for a fully lined pair of pants.  I guess I feel like I get my money’s worth that way! He he he….

Now I just need to make my choice regarding the pattern I’m going to make up.  What do you think?  Here’s a pic of the wool…

wool crepe

Very basic caramel coloured wool crepe from And here’s my pattern choices so far – both BurdaStyle.

b 1-2011-134 B 10-2010-104

I’m personally leaning towards the ones on the left (Burda 1-2011-134) for a couple of reasons: the shaped high waist and the shaping in the legs (just a bit of boot cut); and the interesting seam down the centre of the front.  The inseam pockets are a nice feature, too.  I’m always up for something a little different…


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