Vogue 2017: The Ungaro Jacket

I’ve decided to get an unfinished object off my sewing table before diving into my Cavalli-inspired coat.  I cut this jacket out probably about 6 years ago, underlined it with silk organza and left it to languish in my box of wools.


Vogue 2017 is an OOP Vogue pattern from 1997 designed by Ungaro.  I’m planning to sew up only the jacket (View A without the pockets) in a dark sage-coloured cashmere, and, for a lark, I’m actually going to clock my hours making this thing up because I’ve set myself up for a very long hand-sewn project.  See?


The colour’s all wrong in this photo, but this will show you a little bit of what I’m doing.  All the darts – front and back, the cuffs and sleeve vents and the entire neckline and hem are topstitched with three rows of topstitching.   Now, I tried to make machine stitching look lovely on this cashmere fabric, but I didn’t like the look of it, or how it made the darts pucker.

So I’m going to do it all by hand.  And I’m going to clock my time, just for curiosity’s sake.

Today I spent 1.5 hours trying to get the darts to look right, and interfacing the fronts. I’m not going to bother adding in my previous hours for cutting or underlining, because I can’t remember from 6 years ago.  I guess I could estimate, but I’ll just start logging from here!

One thought on “Vogue 2017: The Ungaro Jacket

  1. It’s a good job you like hand sewing! It will be worth it though for this classic jacket pattern. I made it up years ago when it was probably way above my skill level but I still loved it and have kept the pattern.


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