Well, it’ll have to wait

For a different fabric in a different time, that is.  The green cashmere jacket a.k.a. Vogue 2017 is a wadder.

Every now and then I meet more than my match in fabric.  Mostly it’s because I don’t think through what I’m making with the fabric. I either choose the wrong design for the fabric, or the wrong fabric for the design (wrong fabric weight, drape, etc.).


Unfortunately, this cashmere falls into the "didn’t think it through" category.  It’s too lightweight for this pattern (which calls for tweed and gabardine!) and shows every single flaw in my arsenal of sewing skills. 

I do not like to work with fabrics that show up my lack of expertise. 

I much prefer fabrics that are loving…  forgiving… benevolent… kind…. You get the picture.  I don’t like perfectionist tendencies in fabrics.  It drives me crazy, makes me consider myself completely unskilled and frustrates me to the point of not caring about the economics of wadding a project.


Consider the bound buttonholes.  These are on the sleeves (what WAS I thinking?!?!?)  Six bound buttonholes on the sleeves, because I didn’t like the look of machine buttonholes… but bound buttonholes are not my forte.  I did practice.  I made 5 practice buttonholes, and was sort of happy with the last two….  And then I thought….. I have to face these damn buttonholes on the sleeves.  I repeat…

WHAT was I thinking?!?!

And the buttons…. I went hunting for buttons for this very odd-coloured fabric.  I found lovely buttons… Italian buttons… expensive buttons…


All for naught.  I even gave up on the hand topstitching because it didn’t match the topstitching in my mind’s eye.  I switched to machine…


So there!  I do not like the bound buttonholes on the sleeves, but once in, in forever.  And I’ve no extra fabric to recut the sleeve! 

Maybe I’ll finish up one sleeve, set it in and see how horrible it looks before actually giving it to the garbage collectors.  And maybe I should just go to bed….

3 thoughts on “Well, it’ll have to wait

  1. Oh, just last month I just tossed an almost completed silk tweed silk organza underlined and lined jacket so I feel your pain. But I also hope you enjoy the freedom of moving on to a more exciting project.

  2. What a bummer! I actually don’t think your button holes look so bad. Maybe if you sleep on it, you’ll be able to see a way through it? It seems a shame for such beautiful material to become a wadder. On the other hand, nothing is more precious than your own sanity!


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