Muslin required

Thank you all for commiserating with me over this jacket!  I must say, it’s the most expensive muslin I’ve ever made!  But there’s lessons to be learned here:

  • Always do a muslin, even if that means a simple tissue fitting!
  • Never neglect the required FBA, even on a jacket!
  • Don’t leave projects languishing for 6 years in the UFO pile.  Cut them and sew them up toute de suite!

Well, all is not lost.  As I said to my husband the other night, using cashmere as a muslin is still cheaper than attending a class, and I did learn something!  Isn’t that the point?  Always learning and improving our sewing skills.  Oodles of fitting problems here!

v2017 front v2017 back

Notes for next time (noted on the pattern!):

  • FBA required
  • Sway back adjustment
  • Add 2” to overall jacket length

I must say I was bummed a bit on Friday about this jacket, but on Saturday I thought, “Let’s move on!”

So I went on a cutting binge after putting the kids to bed.

Vogue 2396’s shirt in ivory stretch cotton (I think spring is just around the corner!)  I did not do an FBA, but I did do a tissue fit.  The bust measurement on the pattern was very generous:  47” for a size 16, which is what I normally cut to get the fit through the shoulders.

v2396 shirt

I decided I didn’t need an FBA for this shirt.  My main concern would be gaping at the CF, but there is a lot of overlap drafted into this shirt front.

v2396 tissue fit

Vogue 8287 shirt in a bronze crinkle taffeta.  Yup, I did my FBA. I made this shirt without an FBA about 5 years ago, and am re-making it with the FBA.  Need I say more? Smile


And Cinderella’s dress, but that’s a separate post.  I’m up after being knocked down!


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