Pattern Review: Burda 01-2011-134

b01-2011-134 front

Well, I’m done the high-waisted pants in camel coloured wool crepe.  And this is what they look like on me!  You’ll have to excuse the creasing – I wore them most of the day prior to taking these pictures.

b01-2011-134 full front

What attracted me to these pants was the interesting centre seam running down the crease line in the fronts.

b01-2011-134 line drawing

It looks nice and long and lean in that drawing, doesn’t it?  I found it interesting that Burda photographed the pants from the side, like I’ve done in this picture, which is very flattering.

b01-2011-134 side front

The other thing to note about Burda’s pictures is the top they’ve paired with these pants. Here’s the line drawing of the top they’ve got going.  Notice how looooooong it is.  On the model the top falls below her crotch line.


The other photo they’ve got of these pants is with a knee-length jacket, so it covers the models hips.  Can you see why?  Even my DH noted that the curving of the seam on the pants fronts makes my hips look wider than they really are!

b1-2011-134 side front

Burda stylists are smart. Annoyed  I’ve a lot to learn in that department.  But I like these pants. 

Alterations to the pattern:  I left out the pockets, because I don’t really use pants pockets and I do not like to add bulk across my hips. And I added one inch to the CB seam to accommodate my sway back.  I wanted the waist to sit at my natural waistline all around, and not pull down at the CB like most pants do.  As you can see from the folds of fabric through the seat in the picture below, there’s a little bit of fitting finesse that I neglected to bother with for this pair.

b1-2011-134 back

But it’s a keeper pair.  When I make up this pair of pants again, I’m going to re-draw the two front pieces so that the seam above the knees is straighter like the line drawing:  take out approximately 2.5” from the front piece, and add it to the front seam on the side front piece.  Then the seam line should be flattering.

Conclusion:  I like these pants.  I intend to make them up again in a different colour, but probably a similar fabric.  I really like working with and wearing wool crepe, and it works very nicely with this pants pattern.

10 thoughts on “Pattern Review: Burda 01-2011-134

  1. OO I wouldn’t have thought about the widening effect. I can’t believe they drafted then hid that in a pair of plus sized pants. I still like the extra seam but I agree that it should be straightened up. These are great!

    1. Y’know, I think a darker colour would suit the seams as drafter without the widening effect. But my version in a light colour, which always runs the risk of making bottoms look larger, was probably not such a great idea!

  2. You got a great fit! I was intrigued by these trousers myself. I like the fit on you, but I see what you mean about the curve of the centre seam. My hips are quite wide and I prefer not to accentuate them. It sounds like you have a good plan for making that curve a little more subtle anway.

  3. I wonder if you’d be happier with the front seam if you did not press any crease into it at all, or at least none above where it starts to curve.

  4. Your pants looks great! You achieved perfect fit IMHO. I was intrigued by this Burda pants patterns because of the front seam. Interesting that the line drawing shows it closer to the center front above the knee. I tend to rely on the line drawings when the photographs aren’t very clear. I think your planned modifications to this pattern will result in a TNT ( tried and true) pants pattern that you will make over and over.


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