Cinderella’s Dress Part IV

Below is the basted bodice and skirt with the peplums sewn and pin-basted to the bottom edge of the bodice.  There is no crinoline on Judy, so the skirt hangs straight to the floor.


I really wanted very big sleeves for this dress.  I did a lot of research via videos posted on YouTube and noticed that Cinderella’s dress sleeves look a little bit Star Trek-ish with a seam through the crown to keep it standing up, I guess.
cindy's sleeves

I didn’t like this look (neither did Cinderella!!) and opted for more of the top of a leg-o’-mutton look.  I did this by cutting a muslin copy of the Simplicity 2813 sleeve.  Then I marked the centre of the sleeve, and the rest of it into 1″ segments – about 5.

cinderella sleeve

Then I slashed along the lines and laid the sleeve out the entire width of the organza, evenly spacing the strips to get an elongated shape to the sleeve cap.

cinderella sleeve spread

Like my clapper and sleeve press?  I think I need to invest in some pattern weights.


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