Cavalli Part II: Drafting the Collar

Thanks to everyone who commented on the fabric for this coat.  It’s always so helpful having other people share their opinions.  I must confess, after cutting the darn thing, that looking at the pictures in my last post made me reconsider which side I was going to use as the “fashion” side.  Dumb time to reconsider such a thing, especially when I’ve some pattern matching to do!

But I’m going to change it up and go with the right side of the fabric.  All your comments made me reconsider, as did pondering the pictures.  I was going to start putting it together this week, but I don’t have lining for it … which is probably a dumb reason to not begin on the project … and then I discovered I don’t have matching thread!  Go figure.  It’ll have to wait until later this week after a trip to the Fashion District.

In the meantime, I have a leather coat with a lovely red fox collar that my furrier suggested I use as a template for the collar on this coat when I chatted with him about the spotted fur.

fox collar

It has a zip-on hood, which I will leave off, but I’m going to trace this collar and collar stand, true them up and use them for my Cavalli coat.  You can see that the undercollar is in two pieces, seamed at the centre back.  So, interestingly enough, is the fur to ensure proper nap i.e. fur lies down at the front.  I will cut my lynx the same way.


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