Cinderella’s Dress Part V: Bodice details

I’m piping the bodice today and attaching the peplum and tails of the bow.

piping closeupI haven’t quite figured out how I’m going to attach the bow proper, but I do know that I want the tails of the bow to be sewn into the bottom of the bodice.

organza pieces

I’ve sewn up all the organza pieces.  The sleeves and sleeve puffs (to reinforce the height of the sleeves – I cannot for the life of me remember what you call these crescent-shaped pieces that are gathered up tightly and sewn into the sleeve cap to keep the puff puffed), the peplum (in two pieces), the bow and the tails of the bow are all stitched waiting to be put into the actual dress.  I really wanted the bow to be unsquashable, so I underlined it in stiff netting.  It shows through a little bit, but it will do the trick and won’t be noticeable.


DD3 noticed the bow on the board the other day and remarked, “That’s a big bow, mommy!”  Surprised smile


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