Ooo! Look who came to visit!

cinderella's dress

Cinderella came by to see the girls in her new dress.  I must say they were all stricken speechless!  A little neighbour boy saw Cinderella drive up in her van and get out and went running into his house yelling, “It’s Cinderella!  It’s Cinderella!”

DD3 (on the left) happens to know that Cinderella is actually a friend’s mom, and DD1 (on the right) just knows, thank you very much, that there is no real Cinderella in the world, not even at Disneyworld.  So much for teenage wisdom.

However, DD2, my little Sarah who has Down syndrome, was wide-eyed with stunned disbelief when I told her Cinderella was going to come buy to visit.  After a few minutes of silence, she said, “Is she going to read books with me, mommy?”  Unfortunately Cinderella couldn’t stay very long as she was on her way back to the castle for dinner, but I’m sure she’ll be glad to come back another time.

I must say even DH was a little tongue-tied, and Cinderella had to do most of the talking!  If you’d like to see Cinderella or have her meet a little princess in your life, you can find her at

And, since this is a sewing blog, after all, I just thought I’d let you all know that the dress is very comfortable to wear.  Yay!

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