Cavalli Part V: Attaching the Collar


Whew!  The collar and front facings are attached.  I’m pleased with it!  It’s not as spotty as I’d like, but I intend to make the spots “thicker” on the cuffs, which I’m hoping will make them all stand out a bit.  And the pattern is perfectly matched down the centre front.  Yay!

Now on to the cuffs….

2 thoughts on “Cavalli Part V: Attaching the Collar

  1. This is an amazing amount of work and it all shows in this beautiful jacket. I’ve read through all the steps and am totally in awe of this jacket and it’s not even finished yet. Have you chosen buttons for the front yet? And is the silk charmeuse a solid color? Watching from the wings with a great big silly grin…


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