Garden Skirt

v8382 back

This is the second installment of DD1’s summer wardrobe. She had originally wanted Burda 1-2011-114, but I only purchased one metre of the bordered voile, and the border was down one selvedge. So I couldn’t do all the gores with the border they way I wanted – there just wasn’t enough fabric.  Here’s the line drawing from Burda Style 1-2011.

B 1-2011-114

What to do?  Raid my stash.  I opted for the skirt of Vogue 8382 instead. 

           v8382  v8382 drawing

I cut the skirt pattern off 1” above the waistline marking on the pattern (for 1” waistline seam allowance) and cut a narrow waistband 2.5” wide, including seam allowances.  I used a 7” invisible zipper at the centre back, just as the pattern calls for.  Oh! And I added a simple A-line self-fabric lining from the leftover white material for modesty’s sake.


DD1 is pleased, and so am I!  Onto the next installment….

5 thoughts on “Garden Skirt

  1. I wouldn’t of thought of using a dress pattern with a under bust seam to create a skirt. But the resulting flared skirt is a great choice for the border print fabric. It is really pretty.


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