Some needlework

Wow.  I can’t believe it’s almost the end of May and I’ve hardly done any sewing… or blogging for that matter.  I just haven’t done much to share with you, dear reader!

I did sew up a gown for a friend of mine who had a concert a couple of weeks ago, but I wasn’t able to get any decent photos, so I haven’t mentioned it.  She’s coming over on Wednesday, and I hope to get photos and write the review later this week.  We used Kay Unger’s design for Vogue 1206 and a french navy satin-backed crepe.  It was very elegant, and I can’t wait to show you the pictures!

image courtesy of

Last week was spent shopping and opera-going with a good friend of mine visiting from Edmonton, so my sewing table was very sadly neglected.  I did manage to finish up the smocking on a dress for DD3, though.

P5230002It’s now blocked and ready for the embroidery, which I will take along with me this coming weekend  on a training course.  Hopefully I’ll get the embroidery finished so I can put the dress together when I get back next week…. when it’s JUNE!

And speaking of June, I’d like to add my little commitment to Me-Made-June ’11.

I, Tia Dia of MezzoCouture, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-June ’11. I endeavour to wear at least one Me-Made item each day for the duration of June 2011.

Voilà!  Now I’d better get sewing and pray for warm weather, since most of my MezzoCouture garments are for warmer-than-we’ve-been-having weather….


2 thoughts on “Some needlework

  1. My sewing room has not seen much action this month.
    Maybe May is anti sewing month. I read a few other blogs and not much has been going on.
    I made one item this month. My daughter’s graduation dress.
    I hope June is more prodective.
    Your smocking is so beautiful.


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