Me Made June: Day 1

P6010007Well, it’s June!  And the sun is shining and it’s WARM.  Finally!!  May was a month of rain, rain and more rain.  It’s so nice to be able to go outside and enjoy the sunshine and the blue sky and it’s windy, too, which is a nice switch from the killer humidity of the last two days this week!

And welcome to the month of documenting what I wear that’s self-stitched.  I’m looking forward to seeing what turns out to be a favourite in my closet and what I need to stitch up to fill in the gaps.  I hope there’s not too much repetition, but with warm weather a lot of dresses, I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of repetition.  I don’t have 30 dresses in my closet, and I’m not sure that I want 30 dresses in my closet.  So… here goes!

Outfit: Vogue 1159, original post here; shoes: Joesph Siebel

Activities:  Sweeter than Chocolate study with friends in the morning, domestic goddessing in the afternoon, and my DD’s dance photography sessions in the evening (I’ll try to sneak some photos and post them for you tomorrow).

Thoughts:  I LIKE THIS DRESS.  I’ve probably only worn it about 4 times (today makes 5), but it’s so darn comfortable and the print is unique and I just really like this dress!  I’ll definitely pull this out and wear it more often this summer.


5 thoughts on “Me Made June: Day 1

  1. I love your dress! It is so flattering! I’m actually wearing a vogue wrap dress today made from the same fabric.

  2. This dress looks really great on you, unlike the Vogue from the previous post. Funny how sometimes a pattern that everyone else loves just doesn’t work. This happens to me too.


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