Me Made June: Day 2

Today is an Earl Grey tea sort of day, and because I’m feeling chillymmj 2-2 (it’s only going to be 19°C – brrrr! after the last couple of days), I’m not wearing what I planned to wear today.  I need to take my DD3 to the dentist this morning, and am feeling chilled to the bone for some reason, so I’ve opted for jeans.

And unlike Tanit-Isis, I’ve not attempted a pair of jeans.  I think I’m too lazy to make a pair, frankly.  Jeans and I have never really been friends for as long as I can remember, and it’s only since finding the… are you ready for this?…  Sexy Boot Cut Jean (HA!) from The Gap that I’ve become comfortable actually wearing them.

Outfit:  Gap jeans and tank; mustard linen Donna Karan designed jacket from Vogue 2923 from my pre-blogging days; shoes: Indigo purple shoes

Activities:  Dentist run with DD3 , a run to the mechanic for my air-conditioning-less van and various domestic goddessing

mmj 2Thoughts:  The scarf is a strip of silk charmeuse leftover from lining THE COAT, which I hemmed in the traditional “scarf” way: a hand-turned hem.  It’s warm, and I’m surprised at the versatility of the leopard print.  It seems to go with everything.

The shoes were purchased on my last ski trindigo shoesip in a little place in Invermere-on-the-Lake, BC.  I can’t remember the name of the store, but my dear SIL and I were moseying around the town and stepped in to see what this particular store had for shoes.  Purple shoes always catch my eye, and I kept coming back to these shoes.  In the end, after leaving the store, walking half a block and saying aloud, “Y’know, I really like those purple shoes,” said SIL told me to get it over with.  So I decided to add them to my closet.  I’ve worn them a lot and they are amazingly comfortable.

And the jacket…. well, I had fun putting this jacket together, and I’ve worn it a lot.  It’s an unusual colour, which makes for some hassle combining it with what’s in my closet.  And I made the mistake of not interfacing the collar because the linen was a bit on the heavy side.  I’m sorry I didn’t.  It needs the extra support to make the curved collar sit properly.  Ah… lessons outside the classroom…

earl grey



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