Me Made June: Days 3 & 4

MMJ 3 2

Wow… yesterday seems like a lifetime ago.  Funny how that happens!  Friday, June 3rd…. day 3 of Me-Made-June…. Oh yes!  

Outfit:  Wrap-front shirt, Vogue 2396, originally blogged here; very ancient capris by Land’s End (funny how they just won’t wear out!)

Activities: It was a truly SAHM sort of day, imposed by the lack of a vehicle, mostly due to said vehicle being at the mechanic’s… and DD1 home with a headache. Do you find, if you’re a SAHM, that you’re really not at home that much? It’s sort of a misnomer. I think I spend equal amounts of time running around outside the home as I do staying in it.

Thoughts:  I really like this shirt.  This is the first full day of wearing it, and it was very comfortable to wear, although perhaps not with these capris.  And I seriously lack self-stitched capris.  I’ve got plans for a few pairs, though, when Fabricland has their 50% off sale next week.  They’ve a lovely collection of poly-cotton Old Navy (!) twill in a variety of colours that would do very nicely.  In other thoughts, these LE capris were a bad choice with this shirt.  I have a dickens of a time finding pants that fit my waist-hip ration properly and this pair is a little short through the rise on me.  That’s usually not a problem if I’m wearing a longish T-shirt, but it was a bit of a problem wearing this wrap shirt because it only extends about 3” below my natural waist in the back.  And the pants sit about 3” below my natural waist!  But I will remedy this….

MMJ Day 4

MMJ 4 am

Well, this is what I wore in the morning…. until I stepped outside in the thundering rain and decided it was a bad idea for a Saturday that involved running around.

Outfits:  The Susannah dress, blogged previously until about 9:30 am.  Then I cheated with RTW capris, T-shirt and raincoat (although I did wear my new leopard print silk scarf!).  Then after I did the dance class run, I changed again.  No, I do not normally change my clothes three times a day.  The last outfit consists of Simplicity 4076 (shirt) and pants from Vogue 8434.  I did wear my RTW trench, too.MMJ 4 pm

Activities: Running my girls to dance class in the morning (in the pouring thunderstorms), picking up thread from Fabricland, and going to see Diana’s Dresses at the Design Exchange with a good friend.  I will post about that excursion tomorrow.

Thoughts:  First, I seriously don’t have any capris that are self-stitched in my closet.  When I was in Fabricland sourcing thread, I was pleasantly surprised to see they had a BOGO or BOGT(wo) sale, so I snooped around looking for good capri fabric.  The Old Navy twill I mentioned earlier was not part of the sale.  Lots of fabric with stretch, but I don’t want stretch because I intend to use Vogue 2396.  Then I got to thinking…. y’know there’s striped linen in my stash from a couple of years ago that was supposed to be capris… stretch olive denim… chocolate stretch denim…..   you get where I’m going with this.  So I walked out with only one spool of thread.  

And you know the neatest part?  I met Irene for the first time as she was walking out of the store.  She recognized me from my crazy little posts here and we chatted about sewing and what she was working on.  We both agreed that sewing is a gift, and adding to our stash is just part of the therapy.  I was so encouraged that she stopped to say hello!  So thanks, Irene, for making this blustery day sunny for me!


4 thoughts on “Me Made June: Days 3 & 4

  1. It was a pleasure meeting you in the fabric shop and getting to talk about our ” sewing habit”. Not everyone understands. I am enjoying seeing all the clothes you have made. They look great on you and the fit is just perfect.
    The wrap front shirt is one of my favorites. It looks so elegant and white goes with everything.

  2. One of my favorite shirts! You look fabulous in all you outfits, but especially so in the white shirt/khaki capris combo.

  3. I really love that wrap shirt. It’s so stylish! I’d never work up the motivation to look that stylish if I was based at home.

    1. @Kat: Thanks for visiting my blog! To tell the truth, I would probably have pulled on a sloppy T-shirt if I hadn’t had to choose something me-made for June! I don’t usually look so put together as a SAHM!


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