Me Made June: Days 8 & 9


Just a quick post today for MMJ’s sake…

MMJ Day Eight

Outfit: Vogue 7340, from Liberty of London tana lawn in “Judy” and a shortened version of Vogue 2165 in olive green linen.   Both patterns are OOP, unfortunately.

Activities:  Bible study with friends in the morning; picking up DD3 for lunch; another meeting in the afternoon

Thoughts:  I really enjoy wearing this shirt. V2165 The tana lawn is very cool and the print is so delightful!  I did an FBA on this wrap shirt and it fits like a dream.   The skirt is bias cut and is really comfortable to wear.   The original design calls for two layers of fabric – one of organza or chiffon over a heavier layer – but it works very well in linen.  This is the second version of this skirt that I’ve made up over the years.  The first one was a dusty yellow linen the full length of the pattern.  I wore it out.  I’ve never actually put the entire suit together, mostly because of the jacket, and I just don’t do skinny pants… nope… no way.  But with the return to longer jackets on the runway, this might be an interesting one to try.

MMJ Day Nine

P6090001Outfit:  My Susannah dress which is Vogue 8469.  I reviewed the pattern last year over at, but I’m not sure anyone can read it without logging in, even if I do add a link.  So I posted a (very) belated review of it here on my blog.

Activities:  Getting the kids out the door to school on time, chatting with an overnight guest who was leaving this morning, the salon, and checking out a karate class for kids with Down syndrome for DD2 this evening.  I’m hoping she will be able to attend this September.

Thoughts:  The waist on this dress really bugs me because it rides up.  It sits high anyway – the bottom of the band is about 1 inch above my natural waist.  I really like this fabric, and I’d be sorry to thrift the dress just because of the waistband, which is something that I could fix if I found some extra fabric in my big box of remnants.   But I think the real problem is not adding enough depth to the bodice when I was doing my FBA.  I’m slowly learning that whenever I do an empire styled bodice, about 2 inches needs to be added to the bottom to ensure a proper fit.  I wonder if I could just add a strip of fabric in below the bust (and above the front waistband) to make it fit properly.  Does anyone have any ideas about this?

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