Me Made June: Days 12 & 13

P6120013Me Made June Day 12 – Outfit: Vogue 8846 made up in Liberty of London tana lawn.  The print is called Bea.  With my mini poodle, Nuggy Baby.

Activities:  Nothing.  We went to church in the morning, ate fast food for lunch (DD2’s favourite – the Golden Arches), took about 20 pics trying to get this fabric to photograph nicely, finished up Barnaby Rudge by Dickens (I loooooove Dickens), and BBQ’d beef souvlaki for dinner. The 2nd picture accurately captures the richness of the Bea print. It’s hard to P6120020photograph this fabric because of the slight sheen to it.  And, no.  I did not wear this dress for the entire day, in case you’re wondering.  I schlepped around in my pajamas after our morning at church, but I thought I’d spare you the pictures of that, since my PJ’s are not me-made.

Thoughts:  I wore this dress with the sash today, wrapped around twice and tied in a very small bow at the centre back (not like the picture at the right – I changed it up after taking the pics).  It’s the first time I had the brains to try that, as I had tied  it with long tails at the side front like the pattern envelope.  It did not look nice.  I always feel so dressed up in this dress, but it’s really comfy to wear, and the style is so pretty.  I know in my review I mentioned wanting to make it up in a solid colour, but I haven’t done that yet… there’s just too many other projects on my sewing table!

MMJ 13Me Made June Day 13 – Outfit:  RTW capris and Simplicity 2603

Activities:  laundry, sewing, cooking and running kids to dance class

Thoughts:  It’s cool today – only about 14C, so this ensemble is perfect.  But the sweater is loooong, as you can see from the original post.  I’ve tied the ends together and put them around my neck to shorten the sweater for today.   It creates a sort of ruffle effect down the front, which is OK, I guess.  I like the colour, but this is not one of my favourite me-made items.


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