Pockets of all sorts

DD3 requested a pair of utility pants this summer.  Actually, it was my idea.  “You need a decent pair of khaki’s that go with everything.  It’s just a wardrobe staple you should have,” I told her when she was making her list of clothes for the summer.  This is what she chose:


I was sort of hoping for something more classic, if you know what I mean, but hey!  She has to wear them!  Anyways, after getting into the sewing of them today, they’ll be fun to put together, anyway.  The front pockets went together brilliantly, and then I started on the double-welt pockets for the back.

I do not like welt pockets, let alone double-welt pockets.  Ah well…. slowly, carefully, meticulously, I said to myself.  And then I read the instructions:  Do not use lining fabric for the pocket bags.  Huh?  Oh, great!  I don’t have anymore fashion fabric.  What to do?  After panicking for a minute or two, I cheated.Instead of a double welt pocket, I made a single welt and used the two extra pieces cut for the double welts as the facing on the upper half of the pocket bag.

B 3-2011-132B back weltB 3-2011-132B back welt inside

Left photo: basted voile and stitched fashion fabric on the outside of the pants.

Right photo:  turned to the inside.  You can see that I need to join the bottom of the voile to the bottom of the facing strip, which I’m holding.  It worked beautifully, and the lining is a pretty touch in an otherwise boring garment.

B 3-2011-132B back pocket finishedB 3-2011-132B back welt 2

In Me Made June news today…

MMJ 14 Day 14 – Outfit:  My first repeat this month:  the green linen skirt from MMJ Day 8, and a new top from Burda’s Mamma Mia collection (February 2011).  I’ll post the review tomorrow

Activities:  running errands, sewing, and dance classes – again.  Wow.  I had no idea how much time I spend at the dance studio for my kids until documenting my daily activities for MMJ.

Thoughts:  I like this skirt, and the top is in a very lovely print, but it’s really short!  It’s got a self-lined bodice, which is nice, and the fit is good, but it could use some tweaking.

4 thoughts on “Pockets of all sorts

  1. I really like the khaki pants DD3 selected, a casual style for all the fun things
    you do in the summer. The patterned fabric used for the pocket bags is a nice feminine touch. Your top and skirt go together well. The top is a good length because
    it elongates the darker coloured skirt and both colours come together beautifully.
    Definately a winner.

  2. Those pants are going to be so cute-and there is nothing more fun than seeing a print inside a pair of khakis or jeans. Love the outfit you are wearing today.

  3. Nice save with the pockets. I like what you’ve done with the wild print better than just plain old fashion fabric anyway. I am wearing my rendition of these pants as I write to you! On me, they aren’t really that flattering, but they are comfortable, they fit, and today was a day of house work and yard work. I think this pattern is meant for girls, or should I say young women, like your daughter, rather than pleasantly plump housewives like myself!


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