I hate trashing projects…

Yesterday, while sewing, cooking and cutting new garments, my green dress split – SPLIT!!!!! – down the centre front.  Remember I thought it had shrunk after my last (fall’s) wearing/washing?  I was right.  There was the lining in all of it’s lovely fitting ease, trying to skim around underneath the shell, and to no avail.  I had forgotten that I’d pieced the centre front of the dress – neckline to hem! – and under the strain of sitting, standing, bending over a cutting table, getting in and out of a car, well, the lovely fragile fabric just split along the piecing seamline.  I won’t shock you with pictures of the destruction. Sad smile

So here’s my RTW outfit for the latter part of Me Made June Day 16.MMJ 16 2  I could have pulled out something me-made, but honestly, I just felt like wearing capris instead of a dress.  You might think the dresses are the way I usually do my glamourous SAHM role on a daily basis, but not so!  Most of my me-made garments are dresses, or winter separates.  I’ve really not done that much in terms of summer tops and bottoms.  If it wasn’t MMJ, where the goal is to wear self-stitched garments, I’d be wearing more RTW capris and tees as I haven’t any me-made capris.  I’m working on that!  Yesterday I cut out two pairs with the goal of having one pair done so that I could wear them for MMJ.  Et voila!

Me Made June Day 17 – Outfit:  Vogue 2396 capris (shortened); RTW tee.  As today’s is Friday, all of us in the Flickr pool are taking pics with a loved one.  Here’s mine, strolling after dinner.  His shirt is me-made from a few years ago.MMJ 17 (2)

Activities: SAHM mom stuff with a dinner party tonightv2396 capri front

Thoughts:  I’ve been rather surprised with this OOP pattern.  I’ve made up the dress, which I’m really not crazy about despite the fringe; the shirt, which I really like; and these capris which have yet to be worn for the day prior to making a “like” decision.  I’m really happy that they’re more of a 50’s style with the waistband at my natural waist instead of the below-waist modern cuts of garments.  Maybe if I was shaped like celery I’d like lower waists, but I much prefer having definition through my waistline.

v2396 capri backI made these up in a a poly/cotton twill from Old Navy, if you can believe it.  Who knew Fabricland stocks Old Navy twill?  My pattern is actually one size too small, so I graded up, added about 4 inches of width to the bottom hem and shortened them by 4 inches.  And I’m on a binding kick waistbands.  It just adds that extra dimension to the garment – who cares if it’s only meV 2396 capris or whoever’s folding the laundry that gets to see it? It makes the construction process more creative and enjoyable.  Besides, it’s a great way to use up all the cutting remnants in my “I’ll-keep-this-to-make-doll-clothes” box.


2 thoughts on “I hate trashing projects…

  1. You make me laugh! I am also not shaped like celery and I agree that the natural waist is a much more flattering place for pants to “sit.”


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