Sidelined again

fabric scraps
DD1's fabric choices from stash

Does this ever happen with your sewing plans, dear reader?  I did have a “to sew” list, mentioned in a previous post.  Most of it’s done, as per my new little widget to the right here called “Summer To Sew List”.

But I’ve been derailed by DD1’s casual mention that she needs shorts.  Hmmm…. what to do?  Quite frankly, I probably would have just popped into the van with her and driven to the local Old Navy or some other such place and bought her a few pairs.  But that’s not economical, is it?  Especially with loads of cotton, linen and various other remnants crying for attention in my stash.

“Choose some from one of the Burda magazines, and we’ll look at fabric for a few pairs,” said I.  So I’m sewing shorts over the next few days.

I’m not quite sure which pairs she wants out of what fabric, but she went through my stash and picked several that she liked.  Hopefully I’ll get a pair done today so she can wear them tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Sidelined again

  1. I can see at least 11 pieces of fabric in that pile. How many pairs of shorts is your lucky daughter getting? What a good mum you are!


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