So I went on a tracing binge today.  Well, OK, not really a binge, considering it’s only two dresses, but that was enough to send me to the floor for some remedial Pilates after bending over my table tracing all afternoon.

First up is Burda 5-2011-119, the pattern Gertie suggests using for her Bombshell dress sewalong (the button’s at the side if you decide to sew one up).  Now I don’t know if sewing up a bombshell dress is a good idea, but considering it’s a sewing course per se that you enroll and pay for, and can ask any questions as you follow along… and that it was 50% off (you have to use her link here)…and that I can do it on my own time (which may be a bad thing)… I thought I’d sign up and have some fun learning, watching videos and (hopefully) ending up with a perfectly fit bombshell dress.  I’m planning to sew it up in this striped poplin, which I can’t for the life of me photograph accurately.

Burda 05-2011-122DSC03131Second up is this dress for DD1 – yes, another dress for my eldest daughter.  She’s fun to sew for and doesn’t require oodles of fitting… oh, and this was a dress she picked out waaaaaaay back in March of this year when we were talking about her summer clothes.  She chose a light sandy jersey for the dress, which is Burda 07-2010-120.

Burda 7-2010-120DSC03128


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