Third time is the charm

DSC03182The fit for the Bombshell bodice, that is.  It required some serious redrafting of the bra cup pattern pieces, though.  Here’s just a sample.  You can see the original seam lines traced in red, and my pattern adjustments in blue pen after fitting it to my makeshift dress form.  Once I trued up all my pen markings from the fitting, I transferred the new pattern shape to yet another DSC03185piece of muslin using tracing paper and a wheel.  I’ve actually never done any of this multiple redrafting of a pattern before in my life.  I’ve never actually sewn up such a fitted bodice before in my life, either.   I’ve always been a little intimidated by the challenges of fitting myself and all the redrafts that have to be done  on a seemingly endless basis to get a good fit through the torso.  I just have to remember patience, and remind myself that I like the process of learning and success at the end.

Anyhow, once I’ve traced the seam lines onto the new muslin, I’ll thread trace them all by machine and sew up the muslin for yet another fitting.   Hopefully it will fit well this time and I can go onto the next step of cutting the fashion fabric and underlining it. DSC03186

2 thoughts on “Third time is the charm

  1. I too have a larger than B cup (D) and I’m anxiously waiting to see how your dress comes out. I do love the pattern but am not sure about fitting it to my bust. I am enjoying your posts and they are giving me great hope for my futre Bomb shell dress.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Kathi! I’m pretty comfortable doing FBA’s on a standard bodice, or even an empire cut bodice through much trial and error, but this fitted bodice is an arduous journey. I’m looking forward to success, and am prepared to rip and remake several times in order to end up with a TNT fitted bodice/corselet pattern.


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