The interior of a bombshell bodice

shaped cupsI thought I’d post some pics of the interior of the bombshell dress.  You can see the shaped cups and my muslin underlining above, and the lining (below).  The boning channels are grosgrain ribbon.  There are 13 bones in all, and I’m hoping it’s enough.lining with boning channelsThe most challenging part of working with the steel bones was cutting and tipping them.  The cutting wasn’t too bad – DH has a pair of tin snips that worked beautifully – and with a little practice I was able to angle the cut so the steel sprung apart cleanly.

spiral steel boningBut tipping (capping?) the bones was another story.  If I clamped the tips tightly on the sides, the centres of the tips popped out and simply would not crimp down flat.  I decided to just go with crimping the tips to the sides of the bones as well as possible, and hope that they won’t fall off inside the boning channels with wear.

And I’m really hoping the 13 bones are enough for this bodice to stay up where it belongs.  Stay tuned!  Once this interior is in comes the test.


3 thoughts on “The interior of a bombshell bodice

  1. When you ask one day, “where did the sewing time go?” and the next day you ask whether you should give up on something after six muslins, it’s not an easy answer. You are clearly different from me – I want to make as much as possible to wear in the time available so i would choose different projects.But I guess you can’t give up until you get what you want. But that IS where all the sewing time went!!!!!


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