Copy that dress!

DSC03383I love this dress.  It’s a very loud print (at least up close and personal), but I just love the easy wearing of this dress.

So I made a copy of it from some very lovely heavy rayon lycra knit from EOS.  DSC03373I didn’t quite have enough fabric to copy the entire thing properly, so I improvised a few changes.  I used Vogue 8379 for the bodice because the original dress lacks some coverage, and I thought the extra pleats at the bottom of the Vogue design would add enough fabric à la a required FBA.DSC03351And it worked.  I didn’t have enough for the facings, so I cut two long strips on the crossgrain about 3 cm wide, stitched a CB seam along a short end, folded it in half and pressed it, and made a little neckline facing? collar? edging?  Geez…. my mind is atrophying these days….  I also made little cap sleeves and ended up with shorter ties (so I can’t tie a bow), but otherwise it’s pretty much the same.  It’s super comfy and warm enough for a sunny fall day.  DSC03379

2 thoughts on “Copy that dress!

  1. Both dresses look very pretty and comfortable. That is a clever idea you had for filling in and finishing off the neckline, of the second dress, in one step. My thought was to call it an insert but that may not be correct either.


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