Happy Birthday Post

Happy Birthday to me yesterday!  This is a belated post, and I’m sorry I’m behind the eight ball, so to speak, but better belated than never!

No, this is not my DH – it’s Joe, DH’s business partner – apparently his birthday is today – and my dear Sarah eyeing that cake! We celebrated with the A2D2 Christmas Cabaret, which was in support of the Canadian Paraplegic Association. It just so happens that the owner of the company and three of the aerial artists teach my daughters dance.

Mel & Joe BD

I wore the Vogue 1259 dress with tights and the skirt behaved beautifully, even with all the dancing and jumping up to take photos.  It was super comfortable to wear, and you were all right about this outside-the-box ensemble…. of course!  My doubts about actually wearing it in public have been thoroughly put to rest.

a2d2Santa showed up, which was hilarious.  He sang a couple of songs that Mrs. Claus had written Santa-appropriate lyrics to, including one about exercise and proper diet, as he was looking a bit trimmer than usual.  He was very entertaining and interactive.  It was an excellent show in support of a good cause and a wonderful way to spend my birthday!

In sewing news, have been busy doing mundane alterations on a few items for friends, and finishing the McCardell dress so I can get on with the Christmas projects.  It’s finished, but I really want to have a decent belt before I share pictures and tell you about the very unusual construction process, considering that it’s a jersey dress.  I’m going to keep you hanging on this, but let me just say you’ll find it very interesting!  So I’ll get that belt either purchased or made and take some decent pictures by the end of the week… I’m hoping!!  And, in case you’re wondering, no.  I haven’t cut Christmas projects yet.  Am I starting to panic? Nope, although I may if I don’t get something started this week.

Oh, and because this is my birthday week, I’d like to announce a giveaway!  Yay!  First ever for this blog, and hopefully the first of many.  It’s too close to Christmas to give away holiday party appropriate fabric (I’m thinking taffeta and sequins), so I thought I’d offer a length of silk chiffon.  It’s an Anna Sui fabric with gold metallic threads running lengthwise.  This piece is 3m long and 135cm wide.


I’ll do the draw for it on Friday this week, and hopefully it will arrive in time for Christmas Day at the winner’s house!  It’s the usual eligibility rule:  leave a comment and you’re entered into the draw!

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Post

  1. I don’t want to be in the fabric draw (London is just too far away!) But I did want to wish you a very happy birthday! Thanks for sharing your photos with us. It looks like a great night.

  2. Happy Birthday TiaDia! I love the picture of you lusting after the cake. And Sarah…she is really concentrating on her own corner of that cake.

  3. Happy birthday for yesterday. Great to hear that fabulous dress got an outing!

    Thanks, too, for your very generous giveaway offer. I don’t know what I would do with that lovely fabric but I’d be very happy to have that challenge…

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