Have you been to Sew, Mama, Sew today?

giveaway Because they’re hosting a Giveaway Day!  I must confess that I have never heard of this spectacular day full of giveaways until I spent a very productive morning visiting, reading, and discovering new blogs!  What a great way to spend a morning.  The sewing blog world is limitless.

And, because I’d like to join in the fun, I thought I’d host another giveaway.  You have two packages to choose from.

First, a set of dress patterns (12-14-16).  These are all new and uncut.

dress patterns

The second is a length of cotton, similar to Liberty tana lawn, but not a Liberty print.  It’s 2 1/2 yards and 60 inches wide.

paisley fabric So, to enter the giveaway you need to answer the question below and tell me which lot you’d like (patterns or fabric), and you must include your email address so that I can contact you if you’re the winner!

You don’t have to follow my blog/subscribe but it would be lovely if you do.  Tell me you’re a follower in your comment for an extra entry.  International entries are welcome, and I’ll pick the winner through a random generator (how original!).  Entries close December 16, 2011 (Friday) at 5:00 p.m. EST, and I’ll make the draw on December 17, 2011.

Here’s the question:  What do you do with clothes or items that you’ve made that you end up falling out of love with?  They can be items you make for yourself, or things you’ve made for others.   Do you remake them? Use them for scraps? Give them to your local thrift store, or give them to someone you think will appreciate them? I’m curious to know!

Oh, and to browse the six pages of giveaways, click on the logo below to get back to the list!

76 thoughts on “Have you been to Sew, Mama, Sew today?

  1. I love the paisly fabric but I could really use some patterns to practice upgrading, sooooo I choose the patterns.
    One of the ways I recycle clothing I no longer find useful or just don’t like anymore is to cut up the fabric and turn it into something else. Right now I am in the midst of doing just that for sewing purses. I really want to start getting into refashioning clothing though.

    I am a happy follower of your blog now!

    aaminah1964 at gmail dot com

  2. I usually give things to Charity when I’ve fallen out of love with them. Unless I have realised that it was just Really Badly Made and needs to go in the bin!

  3. I would love the fabric. I sew for my little girl and currently myself. If my little girl outgrows her clothes, I don’t think I will give them away, I will keep them as a keepsake! Hopefully when she’s older I can show it to her and let her reminisce.

  4. I would love the dress patterns please. I am really scared to try and sew clothes, but know that it wll open up a whole new world for me. So it’s on the 2012 to do list – and what better way to start whan with a couple of cute dresses?

    I try and repurpose the projects as far as I can. Or salvage the cloth for future projects.

    Thank you for a great giveaway and the chance to win.


  5. I am a fabric girl. I have only made one piece of clothing in my life – a shirt in primary school (late 80s) which I wore for almost a decade – yes it became a very midriff top which I wore with baggy denim overalls in 90s. Oh the horror when I think of it. I think I have it put away some where so I can show my daughter one day.
    When I get back into making cloths it will be cute dresses for my daughter. Hopefully I will get some time at the sewing machine next year for just that purpose.

  6. I would select the fabric too. I guess it depends on what the item is as to what I do with it. If I love the fabric, I will scrap it up and use it in something else. If not, I will generally donate it to someone who would love it again.

  7. I would like the fabric. I already have more patterns than I can ever make in my lifetime! As for your question: any clothes that I can’t use I give to a friend who runs a mission for the poor and homeless. Merry Christmas!

  8. Hi TiaDia~ I sew a lot, and tend to give things away in batches. I donate to the Crisis center in town, as women arrive with only the clothes they are wearing. Sometimes I will make up a baby outfit, or a small child’s tee to add in. I like to “give back” to these organizations, and I like to keep my closet spare. I use half of my small closet for clothes, and half for accessories.

    The fabric is beautiful and I’d love to use it for a blouse. If I “win”, my email is maresea61354 (at) gmail (dot)com or the other email asscociated with my login.

  9. I would love the fabric, it’s beautiful. What I did with unloved anymore items would depend on the fabric and sentimental value. If it was very loved I would make patches into a pillow or something to remember it by. If it would work, I’d cut thin strips and use it to crochet small rugs or creatures. I do love re-purposing my stuff as well as others discards.

  10. I find the richness of the paisley print attractive, thank-you. In answer to your question, remodelling is a skill I have employed to some degree by cutting the arms out of a cardigan that I really loved to wear and blanket stitching around the edges and have continued to wear it until recently..I am thinking of re-emodelling it further into something useful like a camera case by felting it.

  11. Both items are lovely and I have a soft spot for all things paisley, so I’d probably go with the fabric….As for my makes, i usually strip them down and re-use the fabric.

  12. Well, first of all they get delegated to the ‘one day’ pile – you know the pile you think that one day you may come back to, when hopefully you give them a second chance! If they sit in that pile way past their use-by-date then they are given a quick trip to the local charity store – surely not everyone would dislike them!!!
    Could make a lot of ‘lovely’ outfits with your patterns – pop my name down for that lot, please (am a follower of your blog).

  13. I give my unwanted stuff to a local charity and they resell it.
    jmclean at mts dot net
    I would pick fabric. Thanks

  14. It depends – sometimes I repurpose the piece into something new, other times I donate the piece to my local thrift store. 🙂 I would choose the fabric.


  15. If I really love the fabric, then I will rework the piece or use the fabric for something else. Otherwise I donate them to the local thrift store and hope someone else will love them!
    If I won, I’d love the fabric. dreamsinseams (at) ymail (dot) com.

  16. I loves the patchwork wristlet I make for my sis. I remake one for myself too.
    Thanks for the chance to win ^^v
    I loves the fabrics, perfect for a blouse for myself.

  17. I would love that paisley. I don’t make clothes for myself anymore because they never fit. I never mastered altering patterns. I am a scrappy quilter though, so I do cut up old clothes to reuse the cotton in them.

    pbl4him (at) aol (dot) com

  18. I would pick patterns. If I still love the fabric I am not afraid to cut it up and use it. If it is still cute and something I could sell on craigs or give as a hand me down I do that too. It all depends.

  19. I usually give the unloved handmade things to my mom. She cherishes them, even if she doesn’t use them!

    I’d love the fabric, but the patterns are lovely, too.

  20. I’ll cast my lot for the patterns.

    As for clothing I’ve made, it depends. If someone has expressed an interest in said piece of clothing, I am more than happy to give it a new home. If not, it some times gets taken apart and re-purposed. Often, unfortunately, pieces tend to languish in the back of my closet!


  21. hello! I try to give things-i-used-to-love to friends who’d appreciate them. Barring that, there is a thrift organization that offers a quarterly pickup. Sometimes I have charity-remorse and think mournfully of things I’ve given away. Sad, huh? If I am a random winner, I’d prefer the fabric, please. Thank you–

  22. What I do with stuff depends on the fabric. If it’s a fabric I truly adore, I may rip the garment apart and use the fabric for goft bags, or other small things. Otherwise I either give the items to Goodwill or to a friend

  23. I would love the patterns! As for things I’ve made, sometimes I just donate them, sometimes I give them to my mom if it’s something she’d like (usually sweaters I’ve knitted).

  24. I’d love the patterns! For the clothes that I made and I failed or fell out of love with, if it’s repairable I’ll remake something else for myself. Otherwise I remake it to something small for my kid. I hardly trash my own creations =)

  25. I tend to cannibalise(!) anything I no longer wear! I take off all buttons,zips etc and the garment is cut apart and goes into my scrap basket to await the perfect project!

  26. Whoops! I forgot to mention that I would like the fabric. I have so many beautiful patterns but nothing to make them up in! thisdamselflies at gmail dot com.

  27. I just keep them in the back of my closet, or in a UFO pile where they never actually become finished objects because I know I’ll hate them. Depending on the fabric, I might consider giving them away or remaking them.

  28. It truly depends on my level of out of lovedness with it. If it gives me pain to see it, I’ll thrift it, if I still love the fabric I’ll try to remake it or use it in another project. Now if I had 2.5 yards of a liberty fabric, I would NEVER fall out of love…hint, hint….

  29. I usually give the items away to a thrift store unless I know someone who could wear them (not often the case).
    I would love the patterns!
    Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  30. That depends on the kind of projects… Some can be reworked. Some can be cut up and reworked into other projects. And I can get rid of clothes I don’t wear anymore by means of a clothes swap my cousin-once-removed organises twice a year: we bring clothes, we pick what we like, the rest (loads) goes to charity.

    I’d love the fabric.

    marmota.b (at) hotmail. com

  31. I usually remake into clothing for someone in our household or into someother project like bags or whatever I need fabric for. I would choose the fabric as the dress patterns are the wrong size. Thanks for a chance to win! 🙂

  32. And I give the items usually away. This has happened two times. And one is still waiting … ha-haa, not sure, but maybe I still like it. Thank You for the giveaway – I`m interested in patterns! B.r.

  33. Wow, what a great giveaway – thanks so much! I would love to win the patterns. Hmmm…as for your question…I’m afraid that my unloved made clothes end up in the ‘to be refashioned’ bag….but I never get around to doing anything with them!

  34. I usually re purpose them to make other stuff eg turn a skirt into a bag or something for the baby or maybe a pouch.

  35. that is lovely fabric I would love to make a blouse with. thanks for the giveaway!
    I usually pass on the clothes to others in my family, we always do that with handmade and storebrought..

  36. If I can give them to one of my sisters, that’s where they go first. If not and I love the fabric still then they get upcycled into quilts, doll clothes, toys, other clothes depending on how much and what kind of fabric. Otherwise, they’re out of here! I really love the fabric–I’m such a sucker for paisleys!

  37. Oh, the fabric is beautiful! I would love to have it!
    My answer is: Sometimes I make quick dresses for occasions, and those don’t get worn very often. I’ve only made one dress I just totally don’t like at all, I still haven’t decided what I’ll do with it, it’s just hanging in my closet now. Most of the stuff I sew is for other people, though, so I don’t have the *falling out of love* potential.


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