I finally wore the coat


Remember this coat? I think I finally finished in April?  May?  Well, technically, it’s not finished yet, as I have not decided on the fastenings for the front.  Snaps or buttons?  Or hooks?  I’m leaning towards my new obsession – hand-worked buttonholes (Actually, this is more of a necessity than an option.  The coat will not fit into my machine for machine buttonholes, so I’m stuck with hand-worked ones if I want them.  Not that I’m complaining.  🙂 ).  I just need to find the perfect buttons.  No matter!  I’ve still worn it a few times.  The occasion in these photos was the first opera of the season back in October with a good friend.  Sometimes dressing up requires a LOT of energy and the right mindset, but this particular night I felt like wearing taffeta and the new coat in my closet.  The skirt is from Vogue 8287, which is from my pre-blogging days.  I have worn this skirt a lot for dressier times in my life.  I really like the swish of taffeta, and this tea length works for a dressy, but not formal look.  And it’s purple, so what can I say?

DSC03517The coat is actually quite comfortable and cosy enough to wear if it’s chilly, but I don’t think it would keep me warm at the freezing point.  I cut the sleeves on the bias because the fabric is an upholstery fabric, and I wanted a little more give in the sleeves than the straight grain would allow.  I must say I’m pleased with the way they move with me.  I did my best matching up the CB seam.  My original intent was to make a mirror pattern down the CB, but the design would not allow it, so here it is looking like one big piece of fabric.  This is my only disappointment with the coat.

DSC03527 I’m really happy with the fur cuffs and collar.  It’s one thing to wear a fur coat, but having just the trim is special.  I’m pleased with how this turned out, and intend to wear it until the cuffs fall apart…. or I get tired of the fabric pattern and put them on a different coat.  Who knows!

And because it’s been a while, and you may be curious to see the construction process of this coat, I’ve provided links to all the construction documentation here.  Happy reading!


10 thoughts on “I finally wore the coat

  1. Wow, it looks great, keep looking for the buttons. I recommend a little trip to London UK and the button store in Covent Garden, wonderful buttons. And the skirt what can I say amazing and amazing it looks so good on you.


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