The Double Giveaway winners are….

I did this the old-fashioned way again.  What can I say?  Maybe I just like handling paper and writing out names and then the “tactileness” of picking a winner out of the bowl!

I had two separate bowls – Patterns and Paisley.entries

And the winners are… Drum roll, please! patterns fabric

Tina at retrorabbithole!  She wrote: “I’ll cast my lot for the patterns.  As for clothing I’ve made, it depends. If someone has expressed an interest in said piece of clothing, I am more than happy to give it a new home. If not, it some times gets taken apart and re-purposed. Often, unfortunately, pieces tend to languish in the back of my closet!”  Congratulations, Tina!

paisley winner

And the paisley goes to Carla G, who shared this:  “I usually remake into clothing for someone in our household or into some other project like bags or whatever I need fabric for.”

Thank you to all that answered my question and entered my giveaway.  I’ll send off the packages just as soon as I can!


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