Oh, my!

The new Vogue patterns are out, but what really struck me when I hit their home page today was this picture.

vogue patterns page Can anyone say Photo-shopped-to-death?  Why take a picture of an already very slim person and make her look smaller than my 13 year old daughter?  I’m disgusted.

EDIT:  Just for the record, Vogue Patterns informed me via Facebook that they never retouch photos except to remove tattoos.  Good to know!  Now I wish they’d get the message that their audience is very tired of seeing the skinniest 3% of the population grace their pages.

12 thoughts on “Oh, my!

  1. I was just laughing with friends over this model’s POSE. What on earth is she doing? Does she need to pee? It’s not as if this weird pose gives you more info about the dress…
    But it’s no laughing matter that she’s so thin. I think the photo is shopped, no matter what they say, but either way, it’s just pitiful.

  2. Like several of you, I’m graced with curves rather than bones, and while I’m old enough and wise enough to place these images in the same category as santa and the tooth fairy, it pains me to see my 18 year old daughter diet herself into a genuinely amazing body that attracts attention where ever she goes, then complain that she’s fat. Yes she has curves, but these images convince our young girls that curves = fat. I personally avoid anything advertised with a stick insect rather than a real woman. Advertisers need to be sent a clear message that we are not inspired by really thin women

  3. My daughter dabbled her toes into this area a few years back. Did OK for a few years, but when at 6’2″ and weighing around 68kg (about 150pounds I think) she was classified as being a ‘plus-sized-model’. She was 16 at the time!!!!
    Needless to say she quickly gave away that game (and the $$$ that came with it), turned her body over to sport, and is now a representative player who is very proud of her muscular and toned body.
    Will pop over to Vogue and view the rest of their range, but based on this one example I am not crossing on many being flattering to my shape…

  4. I hate to share this with you but I work in an office full of women that strive to look just like that picture. My firm installed a gym for the employees in our offices and between the gym use and the way they’ve changed what food is ordered for lunch, most of the women have dropped 20-30 lbs and ARE stick thin…so you know I stick out like a sore thumb!

    Personally I have no desire to look like an 11 year old girl and that’s exactly what the woman in that Vogue picture looks like. And I was a little disappointed in this spring offering because yet again the plus size woman was omitted with all of those very close fitting dresses that were offered. Please don’t tell me that the Today’s Fit offerings were for plus size women because I need real professional clothing to wear to my job not t-shirts and weird skirts…

  5. I am so glad that you mentioned this. It’s the first thing that I thought too. I hesitated to blog-*itch about it because it is such an obvious thing for a 40-something, round gal to do.

    She looks frightening. In fact, all the models, except the African-american model look very, very thin. Too thin really. I totally accept that models are going to be tall and thin so we can all see the clothes to their best advantage, but this is ridiculous. Some of the more body-conscious dresses with gathering and draping look awful. Who wants to see angular hip-bones when the dress is meant to be luscious? I also expect to see “cheeks” in the back view of pants/trousers not indentations and jutting bones.

    Sure the model, should be younger, thinner and prettier than me. But at this level of gauntness, it’s hard to imagine what the clothes would actually look like on. And isn’t that the whole point of a model?

  6. I’m with you. I can’t see any normal shaped women being attracted to this dress. My first thought when I saw this was “Who will look good in that dress”? I’m 44 and very confident with my shape but my 19 year old struggles with body image. It’s sad that they are still using these kinds of images. Lets see real women modeling these dresses and not stick thin models.

    1. But that’s the sad part! A “gently rounded” model is eons more attractive than naturally thin models that are edited to look completely anorexic!


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