Lagerfeld returns

IMG_0346I’ve made this blouse up again in a beautiful teal silk charmeuse.   I’ve reviewed this pattern here, and I’ve really nothing new to say about it, so I’ll just show pictures! IMG_0367The trousers in this post and the first review of this blouse are the trousers from the same pattern, Vogue 1861V1861 drawingI’ve never blogged about them since they’re from my pre-blogging days, but I have to say they are the pair I reach for most often in my closet.  I don’t have many wool trousers:  this black pair, a RTW olive pinstripe pair and a light camel wool crepe pair.  Of all the trousers I’ve made, this is the pattern I like best so far, and only the 2nd pair that I’ve kept.  (I thrifted the brown pair because I so hated the silhouette after wearing them a few times.  Do you ever thrift newly made garments?)      IMG_0368I have a confession to make:  I have never yet worn the ivory version of this blouse I made up in 2010.  I wonder when I’ll wear this one…  I honestly couldn’t even tell you why I’ve never worn it, except that perhaps I like it so much that I want it to last for the next 50 years!  And how ridiculous is that considering that I could always make another one if this one did wear out?  Do you do this, too? Make up pieces that you really love and then never wear them?IMG_0402


15 thoughts on “Lagerfeld returns

  1. Gosh, I love this color–what an amazing blouse. I’ve never seen this pattern before and it’s definitely unique! I have things I very much love and don’t wear I don’t know why, either. Maybe I like looking at them but then can’t quite find the right occasion?

  2. I liked the style of your ivory blouse so much back in 2010 that I googled the pattern and bought a used copy from ebay. No I haven’t made it yet, but I think it is such a unique and timeless style. This version looks even better than the first one, but I would say that as I am not a fan of white/ivory blouses. They remind me of the chorus and waitress uniforms of my past. Anyway it looks gorgeous in the teal silk

  3. I can see why you love this colour as it loves you too. And I think you really should wear the lovely ivory one as well ….. both are lovely.

    I have more experience thrifting relatively newly bought clothes than made by me ones, cos I haven’t made many! I have given away stuff I’ve made for the kids though usually because the darn things grow (um the kids not the clothes, mores the pity).

  4. Beautiful blouse! Yes, and yes! I will thrift something very quickly if it isn’t working for me, and I have a “saving for best” mentality about the stuff I really love. It’s silly, I should just wear it!

  5. I agree total drool mode, what wonderful detail. I love how the fabric flows. You look great in it. As for thrifting – well don’t feel bad I have had to thrift clothes that I thought looked great at first and then decided they made me look awful, so out they go! Slowly I am learning what looks good on me.

  6. What a pretty colour! I am more likely to wear self made things because they make me happy. I have almost the opposite of the magic closet effect. I love things when I first make them because they are new and I worked hard on it and I don’t like walking away. Then over time, I’ll realize something about it. Maybe the bust darts don’t line up, or it’s tugging a little, or it really needs more/less space with a particular bra… and I then I fall out of love with it. I’d wear that blouse every day if I really loved it.

    1. I’m the same way! I slowly fall out of love with certain items, but usually it’s after they start to get a bit worn anyway, so I don’t feel too bad about thrifting it to be loved by someone else.

      As for this blouse, this is gorgeous (and not just because it’s my favorite color)! 😉 I love the features on this blouse, you could even use this to make something more casual by swapping the buttons for eyelets and some lacing. Those slacks are very flattering on you as well. It’s really awesome when you can find a pattern that has several views that are useful and beautiful. 🙂


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