Burda Plus SS-2011-425

 IMG_0416This is the last piece for the package going to Asia, as mentioned in my last post.  I honestly wasn’t to sure about this fabric – it looks wonderful, but it’s a poly something similar to what I think is rainwear – fuzzy soft on the right side and it feels like it’s laminated on the inside.  I was a little concerned about this, particularly in the heat, so I thought a skirt would be better than a dress.  After showing my friend the sarong-style skirt from Burda Plus SS 2011, she thought it would be perfect.  So I graded the pattern down to her size – she’s tiny and petite.

B ss-2011-425Pattern: Burda Plus SS 2011-425

Pattern Sizing: size 44-52

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Absolutely, even with my changes.

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes. The rating on this skirt is “easy”, and it’s very simple to follow the directions and finish up with a beautiful skirt!IMG_0418

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? We both really liked the front pleating that drapes across the front. 

Pattern alterations:  I graded this pattern down 3 sizes and shortened it simply because I didn’t have enough fabric.  I also left out the pleating on the back of the skirt.  The instructions have you stitch the side seams and then stitch the pleats afterwards.  I didn’t think about this when cutting.  And here’s a testament to my brainlessness: I did not read the instructions prior to cutting.  I assumed that the pleats were only on the R front and never looked at the drawing closely until I read the directions about stitching the side seams (which I blithely did) and then pleating them.  HUH?  I had cut the back shorter by the depth of the pleats deliberately because I didn’t realize they were supposed to be there on the back, too!  After a moment of panic, I thought my idea worked better anyways – without the pleats on the back. 

This skirt is not a true sarong.  The left front buttons at the waist underneath the right front instead of having a tie thread through and around the back.  There are 4 pieces to the waistband:  R front with tie extension, back, L front, and an additional tie.  I cut them exactly as instructed because I didn’t have enough fabric to cut it all as one, or even two pieces.  The additional (or left) tie is sewn to the waistband at the CB.  I added a small loop to keep the tie in place at the waistband level and to prevent it from sliding either up or down.


It’s a nice variation on the wrap skirt theme.  If I can find a very pretty border print, it would be the perfect summer skirt.


6 thoughts on “Burda Plus SS-2011-425

  1. This is very pretty! At first I thought it was the Burda wrap skirt I made a while back, but the pleats on this one are a nice addition.

  2. Hello! This is Merche again. I finally found the way to follow your blog (duh, I know) I´m loving each and every piece you are making lately. You´ve got yourself a very cute model. She´s great!

    1. Thanks! I kinda like her, too! And I still haven’t found a convenient way to follow blogger blogs…. so I just click links on other peoples’ blogrolls and go merrily through blogland!

  3. Oh me too – will have to find a pattern in the right size for me though cos I haven’t a clue how to grade it down a few sizes. Its on the list!

    I love the hibiscus flowers and the colour. Again, you have a very cute model too!! :o)


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