Meet Ruby

In green silk.  I didn’t even bother to put her on a really nice hanger for you all to see.  But here she is!  I wanted to wear a new blouse, so didn’t really take a lot of care into the construction of this camisole – I have no plans to wear it anywhere else but underneath the blouse or some other blouse that may require a green camisole.ruby camisole

And I won’t horrify you with modeled pictures!  But I am very pleased with this pattern.  The drafting is wonderful.  I cut a size 14, did a 1-inch FBA, added an additional 5/8” to the bottom of the bodice fronts for better coverage, and added 5/8” to each side for the wearing ease that I wanted.  It’s a little loose fitting once it’s on, but that’s good for this camisole.  I wanted movement room and there’s no give in the silk.

This pattern has potential for a myriad other slips and camisoles.  I’m really impressed.  The FBA was simple to do.  I traced the bodice, slashed and spread each piece according to Sherry’s FBA tutorial for this pattern (the way I do most FBA’s, BTW), sewed up a muslin of the bodice only, and made my side and depth adjustments based on mirror observations.  Not very scientifically accurate, but it worked.

For the bodice edges, I simply added 5/8” hem allowance to the top edges.  I chose to cut the neckline edges on the straight grain since, if I were using lace, the scalloped edge would be the neckline.  It made doing the narrow hem easier, too.  I cut two of the bodice back and used one for facing.  It finishes in the inside a bit nicer than otherwise. ruby back facing And I did not use adjustable straps.  I did think about it, but I was in a bit of a hurry to get this done because I wanted to wear it the next day.  I did run them through the depth of the bodice back so they are attached to the waistline.  I think this will provide more support against pulling wear and tear.  I simply tacked the straps with two rows of tiny reinforcement stitches at the front. And I stitched the front bodice overlap into place.  I didn’t bother trimming the extra from the layer underneath. ruby front overlapAnd no rolled hem foot lives in my house, so I simply turned up the raw edges 1/8”, pressed them, turned them again, stitched the hem and gave it a final press.ruby hemDid I mention I really like this pattern?  This is the first slip/camisole pattern E-V-E-R to fit well.  Kudos and much thanks to Sherry!

14 thoughts on “Meet Ruby

  1. Lovely colour and what a good idea to go with silk all over for a ‘plain’ cami. I need a couple of these too….. oh the sewing list only gets longer and my sewing gets slower.

    1. I think I’d like to try a “proper” version with a lace bodice, but it would take some thinking an planning since I’m sure a nude mesh powerknit underlay would be a necessity. And I’m not up to thinking about that at the moment!

  2. How pretty! Adjustable straps are more important when you are making something for someone else or if you are incorporating a bit of elastic that might stretch out over time. But for yourself, tack them down. Also, extending straps to the waist is something I have done with bra patterns that don’t have an integrated strap, it does help.


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